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HEART RHYTHM MEDITATION for Energy, Clarity, Peace, and Inner Power

My Story

If you’re reading this, you’re like me: you want to live a healthier, happier, more purposeful, fulfilled life, a life filled with meaning and success. A life you can be proud of having lived.

Most of us are far from it. We’re tired, stressed out, dealing with health problems, struggling with our careers, trying to create new relationships and maintain the ones we have, and trying to accomplish our goals; we’ve forgotten our ideals and what truly matters in life. We know that somewhere inside ourselves, we have the answers. But what are they again?

Good news: the answers truly are within you. The answer to every question, to every desire, to every impulse is within your heart. Your energetic heart is so vast it can hold the entire universe. But how do you access the power, clarity, insight, love, and peace of your heart? How do you listen to your heart, truly listen, in a way that gives you access to the incredible qualities that you didn’t even know you had? And once you’ve discovered your heart, how do you use your heart’s power and vulnerability to create the life you know is possible?

Living from the Heart by Puran and Susanna Bair answers all these questions and many more. Living from the Heart teaches you a way of opening your heart that will make your life truly extraordinary, a kind of inner reflection called Heart Rhythm Meditation. I know that this works, because the book has changed my life.

My name is Dr. Asatar Bair. My father, Puran Bair, and my stepmother, Susanna Bair, wrote Living from the Heart. I was privileged to learn Heart Rhythm Meditation at a young age, but I didn’t really practice it much until I was older. It wasn’t until then that I needed it, or was ready for the incredible experiences that a daily practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation has brought me. Heart Rhythm Meditation has saved my marriage, and helped me through the most difficult times in my life; it has expanded my heart, and taught me that all is possible with the power and softness of the heart.

You might think that growing up with Puran and Susanna Bair would make it unlikely for me to study Heart Rhythm Meditation with them formally, as one of their thousands of students. As they say, “no man is a hero to his valet.” But you’d be wrong. I spent years studying Heart Rhythm Meditation as their student, and I am a student still. I can tell you from experience that the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation works miracles, and it is in fact exactly what the world most needs now.

Why am I so convinced? Read on and discover what Living from the Heart is all about.

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2. The Benefits and the Elements

  1. The three important early-stage benefits of Heart Rhythm Meditation …… Page 60-61

  2. What are the four fundamental kinds of energy in you and in the world …… Page 61-62

  3. How to determine which kind of energy is prevalent in you …… Page 63

  4. How the energy of the Fire element gives you inner strength and helps you manage stress …… Page 64

  5. How Susanna dealt with a very stressful situation from her early life …… Page 65

  6. Two ways to approach stress …… Page 66

  7. How Gordon used Heart Rhythm Meditation to tap into the power of his heart to handle the strain of his highly stressful job, and even to enjoy what he had found stressful …… Page 67-68

  8. How Puran used Heart Rhythm Meditation to beat a stress test where his arm was packed in ice …… Page 68

  9. How to use Heart Rhythm Meditation to give you energy that is both more refined and more powerful than a surge of adrenaline …… Page 69

  10. How Gloria used Heart Rhythm Meditation to sleep one hour less each night …… Page 70

  11. How Phil used Heart Rhythm Meditation to end his addiction to dangerous activities like drugs and extreme sports …… Page 70

  12. How to use Heart Rhythm Meditation to gain courage …… Page 71-72

  13. How to access emotion, and work with it so that you purify your emotions … Page 73

  14. How to uncover layers of feeling …… Page 74

  15. How Marsha used Heart Rhythm Meditation to pierce her protective covering of antipathy, fatigue, and pessimism, uncovering her inner longing, at war with her fear of change …… Page 75

  16. How to use Heart Rhythm Meditation to feel and read the emotions of others, giving you better insight into people …… Page 76-77

  17. How Vincent used Heart Rhythm Meditation to expand his personal magnetism …… Page 78

  18. Why happiness is so important, and how Christina used Heart Rhythm Meditation to give her an unstoppable inner contentment and optimism …… Page 80

  19. How to use a simple breathing technique to quiet your mind and allow you to sit perfectly still for 30 minutes or more with no practice …… Page 82

  20. How an advanced meditator is able to maintain the characteristic brain wave pattern of meditation even with surprising and disturbing noises …… Page 83

  21. How Susan used Heart Rhythm Meditation to shift her brain hemisphere dominance, allowing her to focus on the bigger picture, showing her the way to integrate two sales departments …… Page 84

  22. How Jim used Heart Rhythm Meditation to perceive that his organic produce grower was actually using pesticides …… Page 84-85

  23. Why intuition is so important, how it’s connected to your heart, and how to use Heart Rhythm Meditation to strengthen your intuition …… Page 86

  24. How John used his intuition to decide how to successful pitch his plan …… Page 86

  25. How Nancy used Heart Rhythm Meditation to intuit what one of the managers she supervised was feeling, and how to approach him about it in the right way …… Page 87

  26. How Jack used Heart Rhythm Meditation to smooth his mood swings and tame his temper …… Page 88

  27. Why trust requires honesty and reciprocity …… Page 90

  28. Kathy’s story of using Heart Rhythm Meditation to learn how to trust people for the first time …… Page 90

  29. What is the nature of the self, and how to gain self-knowledge …… Page 91-92

  30. How to be natural by developing the energetic qualities that are already strong in you, or that you long to develop …… Page 93-94

  31. Why it’s important to have goals for your practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and a set of 23 sample goals …… Page 94-96

I think you can see from just the Introduction and Chapters 1 & 2 that Living from the Heart is absolutely packed with useful information about how to meditate; you can also see how varied are the uses of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and how people from different walks of life have benefitted from Heart Rhythm Meditation. If this is all you found in Living from the Heart, it would be an essential addition to your library. But there is far more.

4. Conscious Breath (Focusing on the Heart)

  1. What is breath and why it’s so powerful …… Page 119-120

  2. How your breath is itself a communication with others …… Page 121-123

  3. The physiological effects of conscious breathing …… Page 124

  4. How your breath allows you to speed or slow your heart rate …… Page 124

  5. Why conscious breathing helps you draw the lessons from life more efficiently …… Page 125

  6. Puran’s story of how meeting his meditation teacher opened him to a new way of seeing the world …… Page 125-126

  7. The role of the unconscious mind in sorting and filing impressions …… Page 126

  8. A technique that uses breath to clear the unconscious mind of unresolved impressions and experiences, and why this is so beneficial to your mind and psyche …… Page 127

  9. What the rhythm of your breath reveals about your emotional state, and an exercise to observe the four phases and three key characteristics of your breathing …… Page 128-129

  10. What it means to breathe through the nose vs the mouth, and how it affects you …… Page 129-130

  11. How breathing consciously brings up emotionally-charged thoughts and memories, and two approaches (and three techniques) to process them …… Page 130-132

  12. How Frank used Heart Rhythm Meditation his deep feeling of abandonment, from the death of his father and the loss of a job …… Page 133

  13. Why anxiety is a key signal of unresolved wounds in your heart …… Page 133

  14. How Puran used Heart Rhythm Meditation to tame a legion of anxieties by tracing them to unresolved events from his past, and then acting to find resolution and peace …… Page 133-134

  15. How to find peace by changing your breathing, with the help of this technique …… Page 134-135

  16. Use this breathing technique to absorb anger, hatred, humiliation, disappointment, and resentment, so that these emotions do not harm your heart …… Page 136-137

  17. The importance of the distinction between dense and fine breath …… Page 138

  18. How to move beyond observing the breath into a state where you become passive to breath, so you can be guided by your unconscious desire to heal your heart and integrate your life …… Page 139-140

I think you’re beginning to see why people have said Living from the Heart is a classic text, one of the best books on meditation, and hundreds of people have told me they have read Living from the Heart a dozen times or more. But we’re just getting started.

7. Retained Breath (Conserving Energy)

  1. How to create a powerful breathing rhythm by adding a period where you hold your breath, and why this is so important for learning how to fully breathe …… Page 173-175

  2. How to use the holding of your breath to develop a powerful sense of peace and stillness …… Page 175

  3. The incredible connection between holding the breath and conservation of energy within your body, mind, and heart …… Page 175-176

  4. How to use holding your breath to enter a state where time stands still, and why this is so important for inner development …… Page 176-179

  5. What it means to rise to the height of the heart, and why it’s so important to cultivate the height of the heart in conjunction with timelessness in order to gain the ability to prioritize wisely …… Page 180-182

8. Breath and Heartbeat (Peace)

  1. How to build on the techniques of Full Breath and Retained Breath to find and be conscious of your heartbeat …… Page 183-184

  2. The story of a doctor who treats heart ailments by giving patients a stethoscope to listen to their heartbeats; the doctor was astounded when Puran and Susanna demonstrated that they could feel their own hearts beating with no equipment …… Page 184

  3. How listening to your heartbeat reduces anxiety and actually builds faith, self-confidence, and certainty in expectation …… Page 185

  4. How to use the sensation of your heartbeat as an incredible method of self-diagnosis for both your body and your emotions …… Page 186-187

  5. How to coordinate your breath and your heartbeat …… Page 187-188

  6. What is the Square Breath Rhythm, and why this is the supreme breathing technique for both revealing the state of your energetic heart, and strengthening your heart in every conceivable way …… Page 188-191

  7. Why maintaining the Square Breath Rhythm for 15 minutes is an incredibly important goal to achieve …… Page 191

  8. How to develop the Square Breath Rhythm to lengthen the cycle, for a slower breath cycle that is even more powerful …… Page 192

  9. How to use the Square Breath Rhythm to radiate an extraordinary sense of peace, first throughout your being, then far and wide …… Page 193-194

9. Directed Breath (Healing)

  1. The importance of feeling your pulse in different parts of your body …… Page 195-196

  2. Some amazing facts about the magnetism of the earth and the human body …… Page 197-198

  3. How to use the Square Breath to actually sense the magnetic field of your body …… Page 199-200

  4. How to use the power of the breath to bring strength and healing to different parts of your body or your mind, and techniques of particular use to athletes, scholars, artists, managers, and helping professionals …… Page 200-208

10. The Four Elements

  1. What are the four fundamental kinds of energy within the universe, and why the ancients referred to them as Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, as well as a more modern understanding of these forces …… Page 211-212

  2. How the Four Elements can develop the heart in its different dimensions …… Page 212-213

  3. What are the Element Breaths, and how we tend to breathe in different situations …… Page 213-215

  4. How to use the Element Breaths to purify your body, mind, heart, and soul …… Page 216-220

11. The Earth Element

  1. What the Earth Element is on both a physical and energetic level …… Page 221-222

  2. How to use the Earth Breath to cast off all that you no longer need, bringing health and vitality …… Page 222

  3. How the Earth Element heals: sorting, filing, bringing order and rhythm …… Page 223

  4. Using the Earth Breath to exchange energy with the earth itself, in a constant process of discarding, renewing, absorbing, and abundance …… Page 224

  5. How to use the Earth Breath to feel the magnetism of the earth …… Page 226-227

  6. Puran’s incredible story of experiencing the being of the earth and how it transformed his life …… Page 229-230

  7. Accessing the two great emotions of life: surrender and glorification …… Page 230-231

  8. What it means to represent the being of the earth in your own heart …… Page 232-233

  9. What the process of organic composting reveals about our own mistakes, failures, accomplishments, passions, judgements, rationalizations, and resentments …… Page 234-235

  10. How to use the Earth Element to increase your personal wealth …… Page 235-236

  11. How to use the Earth Breath to experience a state of timeless peace …… Page 236-237

12. The Water Element

  1. What the Water Element is on a physical and energetic level …… Page 239-240

  2. How to use the Water Breath for healing and purification …… Page 241-242

  3. The important connection between the Water Element and the flow of emotion …… Page 243

  4. How to use the Water Breath to experience unconditional love …… Page 244

  5. What is the unified body of water, or the being of water …… Page 245

  6. A story that reveals the generous, abundant nature of water …… Page 246

  7. What it means to represent the being of water …… Page 247

  8. How to use the Water Element to increase your personal wealth or grow your business …… Page 247-248

  9. How the Water Element transforms energy from spirit to matter …… Page 249

  10. How to recharge your body with your mind and refresh your mind with your emotions …… Page 250-254

  11. How to use the Water Breath to recharge the heart of another …… Page 255-257

13. The Fire Element

  1. The physical and energetic properties of the Fire Element …… Page 258

  2. How to bring out the qualities of fire in yourself by using the Fire Breath …… Page 259-260

  3. Using the Fire Breath to generate heat in the solar plexus and light in the heart …… Page 259-260

  4. How to use the Fire Breath to increase metabolic rate and central nervous system activity …… Page 261-263

  5. Paul’s story of how the Fire Breath gave him so many ideas he couldn’t sit still, and a technique for how to handle this “problem” …… Page 263

  6. Using the Fire Breath for inner purification by the light within …… Page 265

  7. The meaning of the Biblical baptism by fire …… Page 265

  8. How Tom used the Fire Breath to examine his life and ask tough questions about his true intentions …… Page 266

  9. How Puran used the Fire Breath to find his way through the different roles and responsibilities he has and remember what truly matters, and what sacrifices he’s willing to make …… Page 266

  10. How to use the Fire Breath to expose your own self-delusions, finding your inner truth …… Page 268-269

  11. A story of the alchemist and the apprentice, and the sacrifice and testing that creates true conviction …… Page 270-271

  12. Going further with the Fire Element to actually become light …… Page 272-277

  13. What it means to represent the light and truth of the Fire Element …… Page 277-279

14. The Air Element

  1. The physical and energetic properties of the Air Element …… Page 280-281

  2. The story of the man who caught a bird in a trap, and the wisdom the bird spoke that made the man free him …… Page 281-282

  3. The qualities of the Air Element within your heart …… Page 282-283

  4. The importance of the ideal …… Page 283-284

  5. Using the Air Element for purification and expansion of the psyche for insight into yourself and others …… Page 284-287

  6. How to use the Air Breath to examine all the ties that bind you, and to find freedom within any confinement …… Page 288-289

  7. How Luke was adrift after accomplishing all the goals he had set for himself long ago, in college, and how, with some help from Puran, he looked within to remember his inspiration, the source of his goals and dreams …… Page 290-291

  8. How to use the Air Breath to change your thinking process and uncover the source of truly free thoughts …… Page 292-294

  9. The difference between particle-like and wave-like thinking …… Page 294-296

  10. How to refine your intuition using the Air Breath …… Page 297-298

  11. Using the Air Breath to develop the experience of thoughts without a thinker, and periods of time without thought …… Page 298-300

  12. How to use the Air Breath to realize your mind is the mind of the universe …… Page 300-301

  13. Using the Air Breath to expand your heart …… Page 302-303

  14. What it means to represent the being of the air …… Page 303

  15. The incredible effect the Air Element has on the eyes …… Page 303

  16. How to use your gaze to create the outer reality that corresponds to the inner reality you see …… Page 303-306

15. Common Problems with Meditation

  1. Seven ways to deal with the problem of not having time to meditate …… Page 309-310

  2. The techniques Puran uses to set aside time in the morning for meditation …… Page 310-311

  3. Four techniques to help you sit still …… Page 311-312

  4. Are your thoughts in the way? Eight techniques to help, plus three more for approaching thoughts that are unusually compelling, creative, interesting, and helpful …… Page 312-315

  5. The twin sources of the problem of not getting enough breath …… Page 315-317

  6. What to do if you experience strong feelings of anxiety …… Page 316-317

  7. Three techniques for dealing with sleepiness, and why you may be getting sleepy when you meditate …… Page 317-318

  8. Why you tend to lose track of time when you meditate, and what to do if you need to keep to a schedule …… Page 318-319

  9. Three techniques for dealing with headaches …… Page 319-320

  10. How to approach the experience of intense pain in the chest …… Page 320-321

  11. What to do if you get overwhelmed by emotion …… Page 321-322

  12. What to do if you can’t sleep after meditating at night …… Page 322-323

16. Individual and Group Practice

  1. The advantages of group practice for learning …… Page 324

  2. The 10 big excuses and diversions your mind will produce to get you to stop meditating …… Page 325

  3. Why making objectives for your practice is so important, and five sample objectives (there are 29 more in Appendix 2) …… Page 326

  4. Why making a schedule for your day, week, month, and year is one of the most important ways to maintain a practice of meditation and a 9-step plan for making a schedule …… Page 326-331

  5. The benefits of practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation in a group without a teacher, and how the group can bring out the Elements in different ways …… Page 333-334

  6. David’s story of taking a turn leading his group for a week …… Page 336-337

  7. The benefits of a group with a trained teacher of Heart Rhythm Meditation, what a teacher does, and how to find a teacher …… Page 338-341

  8. Puran’s story of teaching a group with Susanna …… Page 342-343

Appendix 1: The Source of Heart Rhythm Meditation

  1. The basic rhythms of life …… Page 345

  2. The ancient Christian roots of Heart Rhythm Meditation: The Jesus Prayer …… Page 345

  3. The instruction given by Abba Philemon …… Page 346

  4. The final words of St. Anthony …… Page 347

  5. Philotheus of Sinai taught this method of prayer using the heart …… Page 347-348

  6. The instructions of St. Hesychius, St. Ignatius, St. Dorotheus, St Gregory of Sinai, and Nicephorous the Solitary …… Page 348-350

  7. How Heart Rhythm Meditation has developed and changed in the intervening years …… Page 351

  8. What is Sufism, and how the Sufi tradition influenced Heart Rhythm Meditation, particularly the Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan …… Page 351-357

Appendix 2: Goals and Landmarks of Heart Rhythm Meditation

  1. 29 goals and landmarks to track your progress of learning Heart Rhythm Meditation …… Page 358-361

Appendix 3: The Works of Hazrat Inayat Khan

The book contains full references and index, and has a total page count of 400. You will not find a more inspiring or complete book on meditation than Living from the Heart

University of the Heart

I've used Heart Rhythm Meditation to lower my blood pressure to the point of reducing the medication I take for it, stave off migraine headaches, and to quiet heart arrhythmia when I'm stressed or overtired. Emotionally, I was able to come through a very difficult marital breakdown and negotiate a win-win divorce without the intervention of attorneys.  I've healed many childhood wounds, and restored optimism to my life.  I feel a deep sense of peace, harmony and gratitude now that I've been able to find my life's work, and a deeper connection to my faith than I've ever had at any time of my life. Ronnie Howell


  1. How it is possible to use your own sensation of your heart beating to help you learn who you are, and access the emotional, energetic qualities within your heart …… Page 1

  2. How feeling your heartbeat expands your self-image, allowing you to challenge your limitations …… Page 2

  3. Why listening to your heartbeat brings calm and stillness …… Page 2

  4. How listening to your heartbeat actually improves the functioning of your mind, increasing insight and creativity …… Page 3

  5. Why your heart holds the key to how you can best contribute to humanity …… Page 4

  6. How Joan used Heart Rhythm Meditation to get fabricated charges against her professional conduct dropped …… Page 5

  7. Why your physical heartbeat is rich in meaning for your physical health, and what it means for your emotional health as well …… Page 7

  8. How Samuel used Heart Rhythm Meditation to heal his foot from a crushing injury …… Page 7

  9. How Puran uses Heart Rhythm Meditation to feel when a head cold is coming on, and heal the condition before it becomes an illness …… Page 8

  10. How Fred used Heart Rhythm Meditation to discover the feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt that were holding back his career, and work to process those feelings so that he could take on more responsibility and be more successful at work …… Page 9

  11. Why feeling your own heartbeat from within is so much more beneficial than using a stethoscope or other instrument …… Page 9-10

  12. A beginning exercise in Heart Rhythm Meditation: feel your heartbeat. This technique makes it a lot easier …… Page 11-13

  13. How to access and use emotion by listening to you heartbeat …… Page 14

  14. Where Heart Rhythm Meditation came from …… Page 15-17

I feel that Heart Rhythm Meditation has saved my life, prevented a heart attack and stroke, as I am diabetic with high blood pressure and 57 years old.  After each Heart Rhythm session I feel calmer and rejuvenated.  It has always worked and I am very grateful for its impact in my life.  Using the Four Elements has helped me with stress at work, and it has saved my relationships with my students and girlfriend many times. It has provided me with a new lease on life, a more complete and fulfilled perspective on what life and living is all about, and a greater ability to be more productive and functional in my daily life. Jim Cumming, MS, MA, teacher, former Army captain

1. What is Heart Rhythm Meditation?

  1. Why your soul already knows how to meditate …… Page 21

  2. How Heart Rhythm Meditation can create the feeling of swimming in an ocean of love, energy, and peace …… Page 22

  3. The similarity between learning to meditate and learning to swim …… Page 22

  4. How our perception affects our reality …… Page 23

  5. How Heart Rhythm Meditation takes you into a state where you have no boundaries, no beginning, no end, in space or time …… Page 24

  6. Why you can’t use your willpower alone to attain the state of infinite peace that is found in Heart Rhythm Meditation …… Page 25

  7. How Susanna learned to use the breath to carry her through the times when willpower was not enough …… Page 25-26

  8. Why meditation is not like a trance, or being on drugs, or losing control, or turning off your mind, or having a particular belief structure, or being spaced out …… Page 26-27

  9. How Puran discovered that meditation can dominate the sensory environment, instead of vice versa …… Page 29

  10. How Susanna experienced the presence of her meditation teacher and how it affected her inner state …… Page 29-30

  11. The difference between Upward and Downward forms of meditation, and why this is critical for the kind of effects you’ll experience through meditation …… Page 30-31

  12. Why Heart Rhythm Meditation is Downward meditation and why that makes it ideal for most people …… Page 32

  13. How Susanna used Heart Rhythm Meditation to carry her through the most painful experience of her life …… Page 33-34

  14. What are the Five States of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and how you can experience each one …… Page 34-52

  15. How Heart Rhythm Meditation will help you learn to concentrate, or improve your concentration, even if you’re already good at concentrating …… Page 37-41

  16. Why concentration is the key to mastering life on earth, and how these two techniques makes concentration much easier …… Page 39

  17. How Susanna used her heartbeat to conquer her fear and embrace the unknown …… Page 40-41

  18. What the state of contemplation means, and how it gives you the sense of flow, where you forget yourself almost entirely …… Page 42-43

  19. The physical sensation that accompanies the state of contemplation on the heart …… Page 43

  20. Why using your heart to make decisions will guide you to the right path …… Page 44

  21. The difference the state of meditation and the activity of meditation …… Page 45

  22. What it means to enter the state of meditation and how it affects you …… Page 45-47

  23. How the meditative state differs from the usual condition …… Page 53-58

  24. How the meditative state enlarges your sense of identity …… Page 57-58

  25. How Puran uses the image of a river and river bed to attain the state of meditation …… Page 58-59

Soon after being introduced to HRM and applying the meditation practices, my blood pressure began coming down, I became more accepting of myself and I literally found my heart!  HRM opened my heart letting years of emotion flow making my life more alive and real!  I have a much clearer picture of who I am, what makes me tick, and live more from an open and accepting heart. Porter Underwood, Petroleum consultant 

3. Posture and Environment (Preparation)

  1. Why learning Heart Rhythm Meditation from a live teacher is the easiest and most effective way to learn …… Page 99

  2. Why the worst obstacles in Heart Rhythm Meditation are those you’re not aware of …… Page 99

  3. Why posture is so important in Heart Rhythm Meditation, and how the spine resonates at a low frequency during meditation, but only in certain postures …… Page 100-101

  4. Diagrams showing correct and incorrect posture while seated in a chair …… Page 102

  5. Some simple stretching and relaxing exercises that help you settle into correct posture …… Page 103

  6. Why most chairs are not suitable for correct posture, and how to arrange your chair seating for optimal meditation posture …… Page 103-104

  7. Why the urge to move while meditating is so strong, and two techniques that make it easier to sit completely still …… Page 104-106

  8. What is the Monolithic sensation, why it’s an important sign of progress, and why it takes just 20 minutes of stillness to achieve …… Page 107-108

  9. Why keeping your body still is the most fundamental way to build self-control, and the story of a speaker who used stillness to mesmerize a crowd …… Page 109

  10. Why stillness of the body creates stillness in the mind …… Page 109-110

  11. Three techniques to control your senses, so you’re less apt to be distracted by your environment …… Page 110-111

  12. How Puran relied on these techniques during a 28-day spiritual retreat in the French Alps …… Page 111-112

  13. Why it’s important to have goals for your practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and a set of 23 sample goals …… Page 94-96

  14. How your diet affects your practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, and an exercise to reveal how different foods affect your physical and emotional state …… Page 112-114

  15. The difference between meditation and sleep, and how learning Heart Rhythm Meditation will help you sleep, and 8 practical techniques to help you sleep and wake at will …… Page 116-117

I had elevated blood pressure for several years and was on medication for this. Even with medication my blood pressure would still occasionally run a little high. I starting practicing HRM in 2001; subsequently, my blood pressure started lowering into the 90's/50's. I gradually decreased my medication and was completely off of it within 6 months.

I’ve had lupus for almost 26 years and during that time have had numerous experiences of life threatening illness and hospitalization. I had taken prednisone on and off, but since starting HRM, I have not been on prednisone at all. Betsy Hart-McMannis, Physical therapist

Over the years, Living from the Heart is the one book I have recommended more than any other.  This book is a treasure of practical wisdom they have gleaned from years of teaching and exploration into the endless mystery of the heart. You will find science, poetry and inspiration, and much more, in these pages.

Dr. James L. Oschman, Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

Living from the Heart is both a down-to-earth guide to using meditation as the valuable tool in everyday life and an inspiring expression of profound mystical truths. Puran and Susanna Bair have long experience in helping people bring this unique meditative experience into their lives, and the details of their experiences give this book a solid ground underneath its brilliant analysis of the ways of spiritual development. This is a rare and important book. Luke Rhineheart, author of The Dice Man, Long Voyage Home, and The Book of EST

5. Rhythmic Breath (Directing the Heart’s Energy)

  1. Why observing the breath is only the beginning of Heart Rhythm Meditation …… Page 141

  2. The key link between controlling your breath and controlling your mind …… Page 142

  3. How to relax your mind using this simple (but surprising) technique …… Page 142-143

  4. Why a rhythmic breath liberates you from self-imposed limitations and gives you the ability to steamroll obstacles …… Page 144

  5. How to test your ability to use the link between your mind and your breath …… Page 146

  6. Why knowledge about the rhythm of life inside you and outside you is so important …… Page 146-147

  7. How to combine the rhythm of life with the rhythm of your breath …… Page 148

  8. How Peter’s lack of awareness of rhythm caused him to choose the wrong direction for his business start-up, and why he later succeeded at another effort …… Page 149

  9. This technique creates balance between giving and receiving, building and dispersing, activity and reflection …… Page 151

  10. How to swing your breath to receive an unexpected answer to a question from the depths of your heart to the surface of your mind …… Page 152-154

6. Full Exhalation (Accomplishment)

  1. Why your unconscious breath tends to be shallow, and why that is so dangerous for your physical and emotional health …… Page 155

  2. Why breathing out all the way brings up the fear of death, why that stops most meditators, and why confronting that fear is so valuable …… Page 156-157

  3. An important technique for tuning up your diaphragm and abdomen for optimal breathing …… Page 157-158

  4. How to inhale so that you experience a rush of energy, so that meditation will never make you sleepy …… Page 158-159

  5. Conscious breath and exercise: Puran loved exercising but hated mowing the lawn until he discovered this breathing technique …… Page 160

  6. The danger of the Death Breath, and how to avoid it …… Page 160

  7. How to employ full, rhythmic, conscious breathing while in movement: the Walking Breath Practice and Running Breath Practice …… Page 161-165

  8. The surprising relationship between exhalation and the ability to take risks and accomplish goals …… Page 166-167

  9. The most important part of the exhalation, and why most people never experience it …… Page 168

  10. Howard’s story of giving up yelling at his kids after discovering the inner power that comes from the full exhalation …… Page 168-169

  11. How the full exhalation causes change within and without, and at the same time lead you to discover that which does not change …… Page 169-172

Puran and Susanna Bair are Masters of our time. In sharing their wisdom, they take you on an exquisite journey into the vast expanse of the heart. Howard Glasser, Author, Transforming the Difficult Child and All Children Flourishing

It is wonderful to find a meditation as simple and as universal as the Heart Rhythm Method.  Puran and Susanna Bair offer us a way to remember and reclaim our essential unity with God, with the planet, and with each other.

Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro, author of Minyan: Ten Principles for Living Life with Integrity